Our Focus Areas

Vadon Foundation funds programming that seeks to strengthen Native communities. We look for leaders who aspire to break multi-generational cycles to create better possibilities for future generations.

Language Revitalization

Language is the glue that connects traditional culture, values, identity, and sovereignty. Restoring the vibrant, living ecosystems of Native languages creates cascading benefits that intersect every aspect of Native community and lives.

MMIWG2S—Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two‑Spirit People

Disproportionate violence against the most vulnerable members of Native communities continues to be largely ignored and unaddressed. Institutional transparency, accountability, and the will to create real change must driven by Native grassroots leaders.

Innovative Community Leadership

Dynamic leaders identify their communities’ unique challenges, create solutions, take risks, and create sustainable change. Fostering positive support particularly for youth and families creates healthier communities for today and future generations.

COVID-19 Food Insecurity and Essential Needs

COVID-19 poses particular risks to Native communities and populations. In addition to the significant challenges to under-funded healthcare and public health systems, Native communities are faced with massive food insecurity and lack of access to essential supplies for vulnerable populations.

Vadon Foundation Indirect Cost Policy
The Vadon Foundation permits a maximum indirect cost rate of 10% for any grant, award, or gift made directly to or passed through a U.S. college/university, Tribal or other governmental entity, or hospital/health system.  Indirect cost rates for grants, awards, or gifts made directly to 501(c)3 non-profit organizations are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Typical Grantees